Did you know Seabird has built a compost center? The Eco-station began in 2010 as one of our community’s attempts to become more eco-friendly. Within the first year of operation, we diverted 42 truckloads of compostable organics from the landfill! Just from our businesses, public events, and offices.

The Eco-station will be a competitively priced drop-off facility for commercial waste haulers so we can create a greener planet for all of us!

Buy Phentermine Sacramento We’re also offering homes in the community the ability to send their organics to the Eco-station free of charge with pick-up on the same days as regular garbage pickup. Sending your organic waste to the Eco-station will help you reduce your carbon footprint, and give back to mother nature by allowing us to turn your rotten fruit, left overs, and yard waste back into soil for gardening. Make a difference with us. Stop sending your compostable organics to landfills. Make the earth a better place for future generations.

Buy Genuine Phentermine Want to learn more about sending your organics to the Eco-station? Send us a message with your name and house number and you’ll get your own Eco-station compost container and information about our project. You can also email us your information