Seabird Island once again welcomes the BC Cancer Society’s Mammogram screening clinic on September 3rd. Medical experts recommend that women aged 40 to 79 with no signs of a breast problem (such as lumps, nipple discharge, etc.) have a screening mammogram at least every two years – because “once is not enough”. We need to compare your new mammogram with your previous exam to detect changes – early detection can save your life. Early detection of breast cancer means more treatment options and a better chance for recovery. Having regular screening mammograms has helped to reduce deaths from breast cancer in BC women by 25%.

I Want To Buy Phentermine Online Screening mammograms are for women with no sign of a breast problem (see your health care provider immediately if you find a lump or any unusual changes in your breast). By age 50, women should make screening mammograms part of their regular health routine and have them at least once every two years.

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Buy Phentermine Online Cheap Uk If you are from Seabird Island and are 40 years old or older and would like to schedule a mammogram, book your appointment by calling: 604-796-2165 If you’re from Cheam, Squiala, Shxwow’hamel, Scowlitz or Skwah please schedule your appointment with your CHR.