January 26th marked the first meeting of the Parents Advisory Committee at Seabird Island. “…we held our first Seabird Island Community School PAC meeting. It was more of an overview of what a PAC is and a discussion about what we can do to recruit more parents as we move forward,” explains Stacy McNeil, a parent from the Seabird Island Community.

Parents Advisory Committees or PACS provide a forum for parents and guardians to discuss matters affecting the school and the education of children. An elected executive takes the information from PAC meetings and advises the education committee, principal, and teachers. “The PAC also provides an opportunity to support our parents with workshops and students with fundraising to enhance their learning!” says Stacy.

The first meeting of the PAC led to several suggestions including sharing information in the newsletter, on www.seabirdisland.ca, and at the School and in the Band Office.

PAC meetings are scheduled for the last Monday of each month at 5:00pm with the next meeting happening February 23rd at the School. The topic of the meeting will be: What is a PAC? And Constitution & Bylaws.

We NEED to hear from YOU! Your voice is important to your child’s education.

Did you know?……

  • 55 out of 56 (98%) Non-aboriginal Students graduate from high school with a Dogwood (true graduation)
  • 9 out of 10 (90%) Aboriginal students graduate with a Dogwood
  • 4 out of 5 (80%) status on-reserve students graduate with a Dogwood
  • 27% of leaver’s certificates (Evergreen; non-graduation) go to Aboriginal students
What can we do to help? Join the Parents Advisory Committee
  • For students from grade 7-12 (6 year completion), only 62% of aboriginal students complete while 86% non-aboriginals do. This drops to 23% if our students are in an alternate program. 36% of students in alternate programs are aboriginal.
What can we do to help? Join the Parents Advisory Committee
  • In grade only 54% of aboriginal students meet/exceed reading requirements; only 45% of status on reserve. Yet, 70% of non-aboriginals do. These numbers drop to 49%, 34% and 66% in grade 7.
  • Only 46% of aboriginal students meet/exceed numeracy requirements; only 32%status on-reserve. Yet, 68% of non-aboriginals do. This drops to 38%, 25% and 63% in grade 7.
What can we do to help? Join the Parents Advisory Committee
  • 30% of our students are missing a month or more of school each year (this doesn’t include ‘lates’).
  • 20% of our students are missing ½ month to a month of school each year.
What can we do to help? Join the Parents Advisory Committee

Stats from “How Are We Doing” 2013/14 Public Schools and TEFA Report for First Nations Schools

For more information regarding the PAC contact Edie Karacsonyi at ediekara@gmail.com or Stacy McNeil at stacymcneil10@gmail.com.