Seabird Island’s Information Technology team, which has recently joined the Public Works & Housing Department, has begun arranging our network to enter the final stages of the Last Mile fibre optic project. The project hit a minor obstacle in August as the Band explored solutions to managing accounts and providing technical support to customers after hours and on holidays.

Recently, the Band addressed internal concerns in an effort to ensure that your privacy remains protected at all times. Now that these concerns have been addressed and resolved we have selected Momentum Telecom to administer accounts and provide customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the coming weeks the project will begin moving forward again and the Band foresees no further obstacles. Residents can expect pricing to be released in the next few weeks and technicians to start visiting homes in 6 weeks. As the first stage of the project inches closer to completion, the Band continues to seek funding for phase 2 and 3. The next phases will see the fibre optic cable carried throughout the community, offering all residents high-speed internet connection.