Busy month for Seabird Island Fire Department includes election of officers. Daniel Harry, a member of the Fire Department for 15 years, has been elected as the new Chief

In September and October, the Seabird Island Fire Department officers met regularly to plan for training that maintains minimum training standards as set out by the Province. The new standards have put a strain on departments throughout the Province as minimum requirements have hefty price tags. Volunteer Fire Departments are underfunded everywhere and always struggle with accessing training funds. Historically, Seabird trained within or attended a few external opportunities with funding through FNESS. Today, we have had commitment from staff that training is a #1 priority because of its implications on safety.

Our department has functioned with a core group of members for years and struggled with new members’ consistency and dedication. As a result, in-house training was hindered as we found ourselves taking one step forward and three back. Our officers came up with a solution that was presented to and accepted by the crew; team discussions occurred during practices regarding commitment and dedication. Members who were unable to commit to the time it requires to be an active fire fighter; that is trained to a minimum standard, were asked to step forward or step back for the betterment of the crew.

On Oct. 13, the officers ‘threw their hats on the table’ and held elections according to their guidelines to revitalize the team and provide opportunities for others. Effective immediately, for a two month probationary period, the following members are in officers positions:

  • Daniel Harry, Chief (new; member for 15 years)
  • Leo Reyburn Sr., Assistant Fire Chief (returning; member for 9 years)
  • Frank Louis, Captain (new; member for 6 years)
  • Quentin Reyburn, Captain (new; member for 9 years)
  • Stacy McNeil, Secretary (returning; member for 9 years)

We are currently functioning with nine active members and three inactive. Moving forward, our team is excited to work towards ensuring training plans are in place for our officers and firefighters to meet minimum standards and also to ensure our team has the training required to protect our community in a way that prioritizes health and safety. Other plans include cross-department training with our neighbours to develop key relationships needed in emergency situations. Training this month has included SCBA parts, donning & doffing SCBA and turnout gear, accountability and drivers training.

If you are interested in becoming an active member of the Seabird Island Fire Department, please contact one of the officers for an application.