New online app to reward users’ healthy behaviour with popular loyalty points

Where To Buy Phentermine 37.5 BC residents who are making an effort to lead healthier lifestyles can now be rewarded with loyalty points such as Aeroplan, PetroPoints, Scene and MoreRewards, thanks to an innovative new mobile app called Carrot Rewards.

Users across the province who sign up for Carrot Rewards will be able to earn their choice of leading, brand-name loyalty points for completing activities centred on making healthier lifestyle choices. This can include anything from completing a health profile, to participating in learning activities and quizzes, and in later phases will include activities like going to the gym, visiting a flu clinic, or buying produce from the grocery store. The app is also designed to link up with wearable devices in later stages to track and reward healthy behaviour.

Carrot Rewards is delivered through a partnership between the Public Health Agency of Canada, the BC Ministry of Health, Social Change Rewards, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Diabetes Association, and YMCA Canada. The app works on smartphones and is available free of charge on iTunes and Google Play.

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