Meet Liz Point: Health Services Program Manager, Health and Social Development Department

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1. Why does Seabird Island Band need Health Services?

Phentermine 45 Seabird needs Health Services because there is such a vast array of people living in this community, approximately a population of 900 with ages from newborn babies to elderly close to 90 years of age. Within this population are pre and post natal moms, babies, infants, toddlers, school age children, young and older adults, and elders. All these generations need support from health services, in part because of the hardships that have come because of our colonial history.

2. What does a typical work day look like for you?

A typical work day for me is a continuous day with very little down time. I am either doing reports or scheduling six home support worker between 30 clients. I have an open door policy where staff (CHRs/ nurses) can come see me whenever any issues arise, which some days are non-stop. The Health team looks after 15 other communities as of today and possibly more in the future

3. What is the most important task you perform? I don’t believe that any of the tasks I do are more important than other tasks, they all have to be done and are all equal.

4. What challenges do you face performing your duties?

Buy Phentermine Online Us One of my challenges seems to be that there is not enough time in a day; there is continuously always more to do!

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5. What education do you have and how does it support your work?

My education is a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing along with an Aboriginal Health and Community Administration Certificate that helps me with the business aspects of health care and in building capacity and strengthening leadership amongst our staff. I have also had other management and leadership training

6. What do you enjoy most about your role? First of all, my role is to ensure each generation of people has some form of support. For pre and post natal moms, and newborn babies we have the Maternal Child Health program. For School Health, we have a public health nurse who goes to the school to provide pre-teen and teen health education and all school immunizations. Some of our clients are living with chronic or acute illnesses. I make sure these people are seen by a home care nurse and get home support if needed. One of our key programs is our Diabetes and Nutrition program. We provide comprehensive care to people with diabetes and hold workshops every month for support and education. Finally, we have a communicable disease nurse who promotes immunizations, sets up flu clinics and TB screening, and provides public education and individual support around diseases like HIV and Hepatitis. A new program is Women’s Health. We’ve tried to cover everything. Let me know if you have ideas for service improvement.

What I enjoy about my role is to be able to be involved in all these different programs. I provide overall guidance to these health programs. I ensure that the programs are run smoothly and everyone knows what and where their place is in the various health programs.

7. What’s your favourite part about the team you work with? I have an open door policy so that any Staff can come and talk with me whenever they have any questions or concerns. My goal is to keep Staff as stress free as possible I have always liked my job as a nurse and as a manager, and now and then I do get some thank you’s from staff and community members. This always makes my day.

8. What does Liz Point do when she is not at work?

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Aside from my work here at Seabird I do dragon boating war canoe racing and enjoy hikes in beautiful Stó:lō territories. Last week, I left for Australia to compete in the World National Dragon Boat Championship races. Wish me luck, I am looking forward to bringing home the Gold!

Buy Phentermine 30Mg Yellow Cash On Deliver Phentermine Overnight Thanks for your time Liz – and good luck at the World Championships.

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