Written by: Trevor Schultz, Seabird Island Band Member/ Employment, Training and Social Development Student

To act in a TV show or a movie has been in many peoples dreams. For Derek Bobb and Marshall Pennier, it’s no longer a dream. The two Seabird Island Band Members have already begun their acting careers.

The television series known as the X-Files is a long running sci-fi, horror, drama based around two FBI special agents. The series stretched from 1993 till 2002 with over 200 episodes and a feature film. The show stars David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully), partners who solve supernatural cases. One of these agents is a believer in the supernatural while the other is quite skeptical, and bases everything off science. This makes solving mysteries interesting – in that they can see everything from two separate standpoints.

Bobb and Pennier are both residents of Seabird Island and have worked for the Seabird Island Recreation Program during the summer of 2015. Their headshots were sent to a talent agency. Both got contacted and were told when and where to go for the shoot. Both played background characters in the upcoming X-Files. They may have only had small scenes, but both were on set for about 12 hours. They were in scenes with both Mulder and Scully.

“It was fun. We met a lot of people,” said Marshall. “Everyone talked to each other.”

Derek and Marshall were excited to be in this television series. Both received an email from Red Goddess Talent, letting them know the date and time of when they were to show up for their newly-started acting career. They were both happy to do this job – not just to be on TV, and they were both paid for their time on the set.

“The first scene I was in I had to put on this gown and I had to act as a patient in a coma. I had to lie down in a bed. I was there for a good two hours or so,” said Derek . “Then in the next part I was just a patient and I had to act feverish and they wetted my face with water. I had to look all greasy and wet and sweaty. I just had to lie there for a bit.”

Marshall and Derek were on the set at Riverview for a long time. During that time they had to go through makeup. Marshall spent several hours in makeup alone. He had to get scars and rashes put on his face for the part he had to play. Derek’s makeup was far easier, he had to have water sprayed on his face to make it look like he was feverish and sick, and he also had to act like he was sick as well.

”I was pretty excited,” stated Derek . “My dad was pretty excited. He binge-watched all of the X-Files before. He really liked it all.”

Season 10 of the X-Files debuted Jan. 24, 2016 on FOX, and consisted of six episodes, concluding Feb. 22. The scene that Derek and Marshall are in was filmed at Riverview Mental Health Facility in Coquitlam. The majority of the show was filmed in Vancouver and various other places in the Lower Mainland.

“I think it was a good experience. Once you’re there you realize the set is a pretty fast-paced production.” said Derek. “They go over the scenes calmly and if they mess up or if they aren’t happy with it they’ll say “cut” and they will back pace all of these steps, and they will have to set up the cameras again and have to go through that long process all over again. When they go over it we all talk about it and everyone enjoys what they are doing.”

The Riverview facility has been closed down since July, 2012, but is often used in movies and television series. It has been used several times in the past productions of the X-Files. There are also many dark stories to go along with the eerie building. The building even has some ghost stories to go along with it. Some believe that the building could possibly be haunted – stories which go back to when the building was a mental hospital in the early 1900s.

These two Seabird Youth have just begun a career in acting. We look forward to seeing what they have to offer.