Phentermine Free Shipping Statistics Canada is pleased to announce that collection for the 2016 Census starts in April for residents in First Nations communities.

Although the census begins in May 2016 across most of the country, census representatives will visit households in First Nations communities in April to complete census questionnaires with local residents. Census information is vital for planning services such as housing, employment, education, health care and other initiatives related to the well-being of residents in First Nations communities.

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The census questions have been translated into 11 Aboriginal languages, allowing respondents to read them in their own language. The translated questions can be found on the census website.

How Census Data Can Benefit Aboriginal People Census population data provides crucial information in many areas of society. It will allow Aboriginal governments to make informed decisions on a variety of issues ranging from health care, housing, education and language retention to economic development opportunities.

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Education and Schools:

  • Census numbers can produce data on educational attainment by age, assist in the projection of school enrollment and the requirement of new schools or the expansion of current facilities.

Financial Management and Social Services:

  • Census population data can be used by band management to forecast budgetary requirements for child and family services, social assistance, the care of elders, and other community needs and/or services.
  • Population data can be used in your community’s planning activities such as:
    • Parks and recreational needs, i.e., arenas, baseball diamonds and/ or soccer fields
    • Negotiating garbage collection contracts based on the size of each household
    • Determining the size of the police force required to ensure the safety of your residents
    • Assessing health care needs for your elders


The demand for housing is another important area where population data are very useful. Family composition numbers allow you to plan for housing requirements with respect to new and future families. Crowding and health issues can also be assumed.

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Economic Development Opportunities:

  • Population data allows for entrepreneurs or the band in your community to carry out the necessary analysis with respect to business ventures and such elements as demand, future growth and sustainability.
  • Estimating the entrants to the Labour Force and the demand for sustainable employment. More information >