A special notice to Community Members:

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Rx Phentermine Online It has come to the attention of the Seabird Lands Office and Chief and Council that there has been an increase in the unauthorized cutting, harvesting and sale of Seabird Island trees. This is in direct contravention to the Seabird Development Law, 2015 (Sec.6.1).

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http://soarvalleydental.com/meet-the-team/dr-jesal-savania/ While this Law was recently passed in December 2015, the community was consulted throughout 2014 and 2015, with opportunity for comment and input. Chief and Council expect that all Community Members continue to become familiar with the Law so as to avoid engaging in any activity that violates the Law. Section 8 of the Law spells out penalties and enforcement of this Law.


There is a permitting process available for Members who wish to cut Seabird trees. You can inquire about the Seabird Development Law, 2015 and the permitting process with the Seabird Lands Office.

You may also report any suspicious activity to the Seabird Lands Office and staff will look into the matter. Please contact Danielle Gabriel, Lands Manager, at the Band Office.

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http://whiffaway.com/movie-maker-free-video-editor-download-free-torrent/ We appreciate Memberships cooperation and compliance with Seabird Laws.

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http://mtidispatch.com/.well-known/assetlinks.json Chief and Council