A special notice to Community Members:

Buy Phentermine From Mexico It has come to the attention of Public Works, Seabird Lands Office and Chief and Council that there has been an increase in the unauthorized dumping of garbage on reserve lands. This is in direct contravention to Seabird Island Band Littering and Dumping Prohibition Law, 2013 (Sec. 3). Seabird Island Public Works Department provides plenty of opportunities for the proper disposal of household waste through various streams of waste management. Therefore, as a reminder, Seabird Island offers:

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  1. Curbside pickup of household waste and recycling;
  2. Container drop-off service for disposal of larger household items;
  3. Composting services.

Next Day Phentermine Delivery Please ensure that you are disposing of your household waste accordingly. You can contact Ashley Bobb, Public Works Clerk for more information on these options.

You may also report any suspicious dumping of garbage to the Seabird Lands Office or Public Works at the Band Office for further review.

We appreciate Memberships cooperation and compliance with Seabird Laws. – Chief and Council

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