Beginning May 1, 2016, the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) will be assisting Seabird Island in enforcing parts of the Band’s Dog Licensing and Animal Management Law, 2015.

“Currently we have 129 dogs licensed and the next step in this process is having enforcement agreements signed,” explains Samantha Webster, Seabird Island’s Housing Supervisor.

The enforcement agreement that Seabird Island entered into with FVRD on May 1, deals with the apprehension and boarding of loose, nuisance, aggressive or dangerous dogs on Seabird Island.

Working in partnership with the Band’s Public Works, Housing and Lands teams, FVRD will now look after picking up and impounding dogs as they are reported to the Band Office.

Fees may apply, warns Webster.

“If the dog is picked up from FVRD by a Community Member, then the fees will be paid directly to FVRD from the person picking up the animal.”

Owners of apprehended dogs can expect to be charged fees for impounding and lodging as well as any additional costs associated with the impounding, such as veterinary bills.

Community Members are encouraged to speak to Seabird Island’s Housing or Lands teams to learn more about licensing their dogs.