Seabird Island Band’s hallways were filled with special guests on May 3. Thirty-two students from Agassiz Christian School were greeted by Seabird Island Band’s Chief and Council and Staff from the Corporate Affairs’ Aboriginal Rights and Title team.

The students had a busy schedule for their trip.

The first and most important thing on the agenda? Sharing a delicious snack.

Band Councillors and staff handed out a selection traditional foods for the students to sample.

On the menu was canned and smoked salmon and deer.



Director of Corporate Affairs, Jay Hope, spoke to the students about the cultural importance of sharing a meal with guests.

“When guests come to our community we always share a meal with them. Part of that is just being friends and welcoming you to our community,” shared Hope.

The best part of the meal?

“All of it,” exclaimed Wade, a grade 1 student.


After their snack, the grade 1 students took a tour of the Band Office with Councillor Alexis Grace.

Their first stop was at the Doctor’s Office followed by a trip around the Health Wing to meet all of the Band’s ‘helpers’ to learn about what they do.


While the grade 1’s went on their tour, the grade 4 students stayed behind to talk to Council Members Art Andrew, Carol Hope, Jim Harris, Maggie Pettis, and Vivian Ferguson.

Each of the Councillors introduced themselves to the students and talked about what it means to be a First Nations person in government and explain what the Band’s government does.

At the end of their visit, the students joined back together in the gymnasium to learn total physical response from Jonny Williams, Youth/Cultural Worker.


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