Seabird Internet is now available to customers.

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The service, which was previously called Seabird Wi-Fi or Seabird Cable, will now simply be named Seabird Internet.

Customers who wish to continue Seabird Internet services can complete a new application before July 1. Applications will be available at the Band Office and online and customers are encouraged to fill them out as soon as possible to ensure that there are no service interruptions. Fees will not be charged until July 1 and annual subscriptions begin July 1.

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Before you apply, make sure services are available in your area. To see if our wireless service is available near you, simply use your phone or wireless device to look for the “Seabird Island Wi-Fi” network and browse For direct cable service, with a few exceptions, customers’ homes need to be located along Lougheed Hwy or in the Strawberry Island sub-division.

Cheap Phentermine Sales If you are unsure, submit an application without a fee to let the Seabird Internet team know you’re interested and they will find the options available near you. Access to will always be free and no application will be required. For more information, please see Richard Parsey, Manager of Technical Support and Services at 604-796-2177.

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