Keeping the Office open has been a team effort this winter, with some areas of the Island seeing several feet of snowfall followed by freezing rains.

Chanea and Kim from the Events team were more than happy to help out with clearing snow from walkways to ensure Band Members and clients could access services.

Dealing with snow, heaving winds and snowdrifts have kept teams busy. Public Works has been out in full force to ensure that roads are safe for residents.


During the storm, they focused on removing snow from main roads and buildings that provide services as well as homes of vulnerable residents and Elders.

This winter has been particularly brutal for residents along Pipehom Road. The removal of the hazelnut field has helped to created extreme weather conditions.

Massive, unsafe snowdrifts have formed and strong cross-winds are causing visibility issues. Due to these conditions, Seabird made the decision to close the road on February 8 until conditions improve.