“Take it one step at a time. Look after making the Band safer, making the community safer, and know that you’ll get through it – no matter what it is,” said trainer Lynn Orstad when asked what she hoped staff learned from her emergency preparedness training. Over the last few months, staff from Seabird Island participated in four training sessions to learn or refresh their emergency preparedness and response skills.

The training finishes with a two-part mock scenario designed to rigorously test emergency plan activation and implementation procedures. Part one of the scenario took place in early February.

From simulated planning meetings and scheduling crews for snow removal, to coordinating with government agencies and planning a warming station for vulnerable residents and Elders – staff applied the knowledge and skills they learned to work through the scenario one step at a time with the guidance of Lynn.

That training couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. Staff have been putting those skills to the test in real situations this winter when responding to one snow storm after another.

Part two of the mock emergency scenario will begin tomorrow.

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