Chief Clem Seymour, elected first in 2007, was once again elected as Chief of Seabird Island with 177 votes. Jason Campbell received 96 votes.

Marcia Peters and Alexis Grace were both re-elected to Council along with new Councillors Rodney Peters, Paul Andrew, Stacy McNeil, Ronald Joe, Janice Parsey and Linda Kay.

Term: April 23, 2017 – April 20, 2020. The current Council will remain in effect until April 22, 2017 at midnight.

Kw’as hoy, thank you to all of the candidates who ran and congratulations to all those elected.

We hope you’ll join us on April 26 from 5 – 8 p.m. to swear in our new Chief and Council and give thanks to the men and women who served on Council during the previous term.