As temperatures increase and the school year comes to a close, drivers are reminded that they may start seeing children out and about throughout the community. Pay special attention to pedestrians as you drive.

Tips for drivers

  • Always look for pedestrians, especially when turning.
  • Watch for children. Drive slowly and cautiously through areas near playgrounds, residential areas, or any other area where children could be walking or playing.
  • Watch out for signs that indicate areas where public safety is a special concern, including the possibility of encountering pedestrians.
  • Be patient, especially with seniors or pedestrians with disabilities who need more time to cross the road.
  • Drive carefully near crosswalk zones and playgrounds. Pass them at reasonable speeds and always be ready in case pedestrians make sudden or unexpected moves.

Tips for parents

  • Show your children how to cross a road safely. Teach them to:
  • Stay to the side of the road, walking as far away from traffic as they safely can.
  • Stop at the edge of the sidewalk, and look both ways before crossing the road and point in the direction they want to go.
  • Take extra care on roadways that have no curbs.
  • Watch out for blind corners (for example, a car coming out of a driveway may not see a child pedestrian about to cross).