Family, friends, students and teachers conveyed their joy, pride, gratitude, love and encouragement to Seabird Island Community School’s grade 7 students as they embarked on a new journey in their education.

The ceremony celebrated 20 students leaving elementary school for the last time and moving on to high school next year.

“Today, you are standing on cedar boughs in celebration as we witness your transformation from going to elementary school into high school. We have loaded you with the knowledge you need to be successful. We have taught you how to be kind, we have taught you how to be respectful, but most of all we have taught you that friendship will lead you on your way,” said teacher Colleen Marchant as she addressed the students during the ceremony.

“You are the leaders of the future and I want you to always remember that you have all the skills, you have shown all of us that, your reading ability, your math ability, your cultural ability. I look forward to standing with you in about 5 years when all 20 of you graduate from grade 12.”

Dressed in shawls and blankets, 20 students waved goodbye to their elementary years and received certificates for their hard work and dedication to their studies.

The procession of graduates led students throughout the hallways where they spent their childhood school years. Stopping at each classroom, the procession was joined by students from each of the lower grades before exiting the elementary school’s main doors. Once at the high school, they were welcomed with open arms by Principal Barbara White who couldn’t have been prouder knowing her students were prepared to enter high school.


“I know one thing about every one of you, you are capable. You are very, very capable,” said Principal Barbara White, “we are really, really proud of you. We are happy you have been able to move yourself forward to this point.”

The ceremony, finished with a few stops within the high school to familiarize students with their new classrooms.

As a way to keep all students on-track next year, the School plans to host mandatory lunch hour catch-up sessions for students that fall behind in their studies and the Principal will have discussions with teachers to find out who is behind, who could use extra help and who is in danger of not passing the school year.

“All of this is about ensuring that you succeed because we will not leave any of you behind. We expect you all to graduate with your Dogwood and we will do whatever it takes to get
you there.”

Congratulations and see you in the fall, students!