Seabird Island Community School is happy to offer a full-day pre-kindergarten program, called K4, for children four years of age. Developed in partnership with Early Childhood Development, the program incorporates literacy, numeracy and learning through play-based activities to prepare children for traditional kindergarten.

“Learning through play is the focus, introducing academics in a fun way, so children aren’t sitting there at a desk and doing math and things like that. They’re going to be outside doing things like counting berries and looking at things in their environment. Things children will enjoy doing at the same time as getting the skills they need before going into kindergarten,” explains Councillor Stacy McNeil.

“There’s lots of statistics in the district and in the province that a lot of our children aren’t kindergarten ready. By putting this program in place, we’ll be able to better prepare our children for that transition into kindergarten.”

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Reviews Children will build a foundation for learning in a safe, caring, play-based environment that promotes their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. However, some parents may worry about jumping right into a full-day program and staff are diligently planning to alleviate worries.

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“It will be a gradual entry while we get everything going. Some parents may be worried that about a full-day program right off the bat, but there’s going to be some transition plans for kids to gradually enter into that full-day.”

Children will participate in a half-day September 5.

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The program will be run at the Early Childhood Centre with Pre-School teacher Cory Castle and a Kindergarten teacher from the School, offering the perfect balance of literacy and play. The inclusion of Early Childhood Development also ensures families have access to other health supports. “Keeping it within the Early Childhood Centre will ensure access to important programs like Supported Child Development and Speech and Language,” as well as access to all their other programs in addition to services from the school. Culture and language will also be embedded in the program, just like programs at the School and in Early Childhood Development.

A second community meeting will be held on August 28 from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Early Childhood Centre. During the meeting, families will learn about the program, get a tour of the facility, and meet other parents and staff.