All services are employed. There are no foreseen dangers to Seabird at this time.

Hwy 7 is closed between Seabird Bluffs and Johnson Slough rest area due to a forest fire. No estimated time of opening. Alternate route from Agassiz, take Hwy 9 to Hwy 1. Updated on Wed Aug 8 3:15 pm PDT. (ID# RTMC_18108) –

Exercise self-care and check on family members.

Elders and those with breathing challenges remain indoors due to the air quality:
– Keep hydrated
– Stay cool
– Call the 811 toll free Health line if you are concerned about health issues

Be on alert for displaced wild animals.

You may want to prepare your 72 hour Emergency Preparedness Kits:
– have medication on hand
– plenty of fluids and food
– flashlights and batteries

There are no foreseen dangers to Seabird at this time

Check the Seabird Website and Seabird Island Band official Facebook for official updates. We will update as the situation changes.