We are always very pleased to hear about your experiences of our services. Please let us know about what went well, staff who you think should be praised and what you think could be done to improve services and care.

Compliments are very much appreciated and we make sure that staff hear them directly.

Although we ask for your name and email in order to process your compliment card we do not retain your personal details. All compliment cards will be considered anonymous unless you select yes when answering the question “Can we use your comments in our reports?”. If you select no we will externally not share your story or any details that could personally identify.

What does this mean?

  • If you select “No”, we will just use your story internally to praise the team responsible for your positive experience.
  • If you select “Yes, with my first name,” we’ll be able to use your first name to tell your story in our reports to funders and the community.
  • If you select “Yes, without my name,” we’ll only identify you as a Band Member, Community Member, Client or Patient when telling your story.
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