Message from Chief Clem Seymour

Phentermine 45 Mg In the last fiscal year, we had a few more homes built, we did a lot of planning with where we are going with our college, and with our school. We want to help bring back balance and take care of our future of our children and our children to come.

Phentermine 20Mg The development corporation is still in its infancy. They have been doing a lot of planning and trying to feel their way through what they can do to help, and take care of some of the projects moving forward on behalf of Seabird. I’d like to thank them for the gas bar, which is now 1 year old.

Buy Phentermine 30Mg Yellow What they are really planning out there is some light industry. They’ve already got Stqó:ya over there. They are looking to build on the composting we have over there. That’s very important – understanding how we take care of things.

Cheap Phentermine Without Rx For the last 20-some years, Seabird has come a long way with our College. We probably had close to 15 graduates from the community in Grade 12. That’s a huge improvement for the last 50 years that I know of. Our people have taken a stand – that education is very important moving forward. When it comes to our Health Department, for me, it’s the enjoyment of watching other communities come to Seabird looking for their services, and having Seabird taking over their services. That’s always been very important. To me, health belongs to all of our people – it doesn’t matter where they come from. Our Lands department is going to become very important and understanding how we register the land. I know the lands committee is still working toward how to take care of that. The other thing is figuring out what home ownership is really about. When it comes to our youth, right from Early Childhood Education, all the way through to high school, what we try to build on is their strengths and their wisdom. Where do they want to fit in? That’s always been very important. To me, we can’t leave anyone behind. We’re always looking for ways on how we can take people along. I want to mention the capacity of our whole staff. We now have over 300 staff members. We’re always looking at other ways we can grow to help take care of our people.

Council Reports


total revenue
total expenses


new jobs created

Administration 9 additions
Corporate Affairs 8 additions
Education 28 additions
Health & Social Development 62 additions
Public Works & Housing 14 additions


Band Members


engagement increase vs. last fiscal


engagement increase vs. last fiscal

By the numbers


students given traditional names


events held


clients received court & legal help


children sponsored for sports

6,600 individuals access recreation


medical office clients


clients screened for diabetes


Buy Phentermine With Prescription housing work-orders completed

Top stories from this year

Naturopath and medicine woman Dr. Jeannie Paul seeing clients at Seabird Dr. Jeannie Paul joins the Seabird Island Medical Center the first and second Tuesday of each month to offer natural, homeopathic treatments for acute and chronic pain. Dr. Jeannie Paul, a fully accredited Doctor of Naturopathy, trained at [...]

Better at home keeps elders independent

Seabird Island received funding to help Elders with simple day-to-day tasks to help our Elders continue to live independently in their own homes and remain connected to their communities. If you are or know an [...]

Exemplary Accreditation Status

Accreditation Canada announced this month that it has granted “Accreditation with Exemplary Status" to our Health Department. Accreditation Canada is an independent, not-for-profit organization that sets standards for quality and safety in health care and [...]

Year in pictures

Closing Message from Chief Administrative Officer

Ey swayel mekw’wat. Good day everyone. Throughout the past year we achieved our objectives to make our Community a healthier and successful way of life.

The new Sqéwqel Gas Bar broke ground in September 2014.

Health & Wellness in our Community remains to be an important factor. Seabird Island Health received the highest Accreditation Status. In conjunction with modern medicine we have been fortunate to have Traditional Medicine also available to our Community. Seabird Island Band’s Pharmacy opened on March 16, 2015 complementing our other medical services.

Phentermine 50 30 We continue to strive for the betterment of our Community through such programs as Seabird Island’s food bank, clothing exchange and helping our neighbour by adhering to various policies such as cleanup and dog security.

Buying Phentermine In Mexico Join me and Chief & Council in “Kwelátsesthòlxw, Ye’í:mex te sq’eq’o”, Holding Hands and Walking Together, in the coming year. Shxw’éyelth, be in good health.

Is Buying Phentermine Online Safe Tse tsa’ wtm,
Daryl (Chuck) McNeil

Tsel ts’íthomé!

Thank you!