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The Seabird Island Band is a First Nations Band in Agassiz, British Columbia. We exist to promote a healthier, self-sufficient, self-governing, unified and educated community.

Special Air Quality Statement

Elevated pollution levels are expected or occurring. Metro Vancouver is now issuing an Air Quality Advisory for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley Regional District because of high concentrations of fine particulate matter due to wildfires outside of the region. These conditions are expected to persist for at least 24 hours. Fine particulate matter, also [...]

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BC wildfire update

As of Monday, July 17, 2017, there are 162 wildfires burning across B.C. spanning greater than 131,000 hectares. Currently, there are 20-First Nations communities affected and 40,000 people displaced, with the possibility of an additional 27,000 people being told to leave their homes at a moment's notice. The fire at Harrison Lake is now 188-hectares [...]

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Elders enjoy summer outings

Twelve Elders headed out this past June for a night of fun at the movies, but first they stopped for dinner. “Many enjoy the opportunity to get out and socialize with their peers and see one another,” said Angie Chapman, Community Services Program Manager. The following day, seven Elders joined Matilda Charlie to work with [...]

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Protect yourself from heatstroke

The summer heat is here and while it can be enjoyable, it can also cause harm to you or a loved one. Heatstroke occurs when the body fails to regulate its own temperature and body temperature continues to rise, often to 40°C (104°F) or higher. There are many ways you can prevent heatstroke from happening. [...]

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Jam packed summer planned for Youth

“The Youth Group have had a busy month,” said Tara-Lyn Linton, Youth Worker. Last month the program welcomed Youth Resiliency Research Assistant, Ricki Sam-Greene to their team. “Many of our Youth graduated from both Grade 7 and Grade 12! What an accomplishment! We are so proud of all your hard work!” Youth spent some time [...]

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Human-caused wildfire burns near Harrison Lake, marking the start of wildfire season and fire restrictions

Campers around Harrison Lake were evacuated over the Canada Day long weekend as a human-caused fire spread quickly on the mountain-side. Plumes of smoke could be seen from kilometres away as firefighters were sent in to combat the 60-acre blaze. “Most of the fires to date have been because of carelessness,” said Marg Drysdale of [...]

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Smiling and graduating, thanks to family and SICS staff

“A special thanks to Ms. White who said on our first day ‘this won’t be easy, but I am here to make sure you succeed. You will get annoyed with me, but you will thank me when you are standing on that stage smiling and graduating’ and here we are, smiling and graduating,” said valedictorian [...]

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Fire ban now active for Seabird Island

With the current wildfire situation across BC, Seabird Island is enacting a fire ban in our community. All outdoor wood burning is banned on Seabird Island. Only propane, gas or charcoal is permitted. This ban will be in effect until further notice. Help us keep our community safe, don't burn.

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Be water conscious this summer

Water restrictions are not in place but we are encouraging Community Members to water shrubs and gardens in the evenings and mornings, avoid washing vehicles and using sprinklers. Water restrictions may be enacted if the warm, dry weather continues. The heat we’ve been experiencing in the Fraser Valley this summer has put some stress [...]

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Seabird College students celebrate marks

When the ten Heavy Equipment Operator students were sat down to discuss the results of their Industry Training Authority exams they probably weren’t expecting instructors Don and John to tell them they all received top marks. Each of the 10 students received final exam marks of between 80-94%. To celebrate, Don presented the College class [...]

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