Aboriginal Rights & Title

We have for years supported the cultural significance of our traditional territory and helped to preserve and protect areas of interest. Aboriginal Rights & Title assists negotiations with consultations, impact benefit agreements, and environmental assessments and works for the Band by assessing and monitoring developmental sites.

Since the time of sxwōxwiyám “time immemorial”, we, the Stō:ló, have occupied our territory – S’ólh Téméxw “our world” – what is now known as southwestern British Columbia and northwestern Washington state. “Stō:ló” is the Halq’eméylēm word for “river” and also for the Halkomelem speaking people who live within the lower Fraser River watershed. We, as the Stō:ló, are a collective community who hold rights and title within all of the S’ólh Téméxw. In the past, we moved freely amongst the villages according to where our extended family members lived. We were put here by the Creator, Chichelh Siyá:m, but the world was chaotic. So Xexá:ls (the Transformer) and Tel Sweyal (Sky-Borne People) came to make the world right and transform it into its present form.


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