May 15, 2020 NOTICE
Buy Phentermine Pills Advise Against All Gatherings to Prevent COVID-19 Spreading

COAST SALISH TERRITORY – VANCOUVER, BC – The First Nations Health Authority, the First Nations Health Council and the First Nations Health Directors Association are strongly advising communities to cancel or postpone all community and cultural gatherings until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. view FULL notice >>

Phentermine Hcl 37.5 Mg Buy Online May 15, 2020 NOTICE
Buy Phentermine Hcl 37.5 STAY HOME! HOLD THE LINE!

The government is continuing to ask for us to stay home this weekend and physical distance.

Although gatherings of six people or less are allowed, we are asked to still keep our distance. HUGS are still on HOLD.

Outdoor spaces continue to provide the most protection for transfer of virus between social/family groups. Indoor activities and sharing of food continue to be higher risk.

As we move into the next phase it is more necessary now that ever to keep your distance, wash hands often, and avoid touching your face. If you are sick at all, stay home. And most importantly, PROTECT OUR ELDERS.

May 15, 2020 NOTICE
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Sharing the link for the BC CDC COVID-19 survey. Feel free to share it far and wide

This survey is the first of several activities that will strengthen BC’s pandemic response and understanding of the impacts of COVID-19 to date (social, economic, mental wellness and community wellness).  Your input will help to provide direction for further planning. The survey is open until May 31, 2020

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes and is open to all adults 18 years of age and older May 8, 2020 Health Flyer

COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our lives. Many of us are living with isolation and loneliness, financial worries, the challenges of home-schooling our kids and working from home, and the fear of becoming sick with COVID-19. We’re experiencing increased anxiety, stress and depression – and sometimes grief and loss. And many of the things that traditionally bring us joy have been put on hold.

view flyer >>


Dear Community Members,

On behalf of our Early Childhood Department, we would like to thank everyone for taking ongoing precautions – we are all working to ensure that the risk of COVID-19 exposure to our community Elders, children and families is avoided in our facilities.

We need to emphasize that getting outside is good, for all members in the household, but that this must take place in your own surroundings and far from crowded spaces. Please be sure that your children understand that our ECD playgrounds are not open for play at this time.  The COVID virus sticks to surfaces, and playground activity risks close contact with others.  Our best prevention is to keep physical distances, and to keep our hands and faces clean and free from touching public spaces like playgrounds.

Over the weekend, there were people in our yards.  They left their garbage.  They played on the equipment. They took out all the toys from the buckets, and more.  There is thus risk that every piece of equipment and every toy could be infected – we can have the virus and not have any symptoms, so we can spread it without knowing that we are doing so.

Because of the unauthorized use of our outdoor play space, our daycare children were unable to use the outside yard, and staff worked to make sure that every item, every inch of every piece of equipment was disinfected and all garbage removed.  The playground was only then safe again for our youngest citizens to enjoy. We are being very diligent with our cleaning routines, so that we can assist in preventing COVID-19 from infecting people in our community.

We need your help. We ask that you all work with us, that you respect our goals for cleanliness. We ask that you do not use our playgrounds at this time.  They are closed to public activity.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Carlene Brown, Director of Early Childhood Department

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The CERB provides a payment of $2,000 for a 4-week period (the same as $500 a week) for up to 16 weeks.

After you apply, you should get your payment in 3 business days if you signed up for direct deposit. If you haven’t, you should get it in about 10 business days.

View the below document to see who can apply and if you are eligible for the benefit.

View Document B.C Emergency Benefit for Workers

Source: B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers
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Online application for the B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers opens May 1, 2020.

Find out if you’re eligible and what you can do now to prepare at

COVID – 19 Documents

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COVID – 19 Important Websites
BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool

Below you will find a summary of financial supports that are available to support people and businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19: There is an App for that!

Available at the app store and/or on the website:

A real-time feed of new information about COVID-19 and updates from the Provincial and Federal Governments. The in-app updates ensure that you are aware of the latest developments in BC and across the country.