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Rental housing & waitlist

In light of the current situation of Covid-19 the Band Office is officially closed to the public.

As per housing policy rent is still due by the first of the month.

We respectfully ask that you e-transfer your rent payments to Kathy Leslie at or set up pre-authorized withdrawals from your bank account.

E-transfer form: Click here to download form

Step 1- Fill out form
Step 2- Make sure you fill the password section
Step 3- Please fill description with your address and “Rent Payment”
Step 4- Email completed form to Kathy Leslie at

Note: You do not need to send this every time you send an etransfer this form is a onetime submission unless you are changing the password.

Pre-Authorized withdrawals: Click here to dowload form

Step 1- Fill out form
Step 2- Email completed form and a void cheque to

Note: You only need to fill out the form once.

If you don’t have internet access at home you must call the Band Office to arrange payment.

Through the Seabird Island Band’s Housing program we are able to provide our Band Members with affordable housing on-reserve.

Becoming a renter

We offer on-reserve rental housing to Band Members. Each housing unit varies in size from single person to four bedroom rentals (both attached apartment style housing and detached housing is available).

All units are constructed internally through Public Works, utilizing Fist Nations staff and outside contractors for a small number of services. Homes are continually built to meet the growing needs of the community. In order to be added to the waitlist, clients must complete a Housing Application form.

Contact us to talk about debt arrears, maintenance issues, renovation requests, policies, and to apply for on-reserve housing.

Curbside garbage, recycling & compost collection

Collection days are scheduled for every Monday between 8:00am – 12:00pm.

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Please see our Yoo Hoo Newsletter for waitlists >

Waitlist ID’s identified in bold have an outstanding debt to the Band. Individuals who have a debt to the Band will not be placed in rental units, as per Housing Policy.


To learn more or to request this services:


Seabird Island sets rental rates for rental homes on Seabird Island. These rates are subject to government subsidized operating agreements. If you’d like to talk to a Housing team representative to learn more about rental pricing please contact us.
If you currently owe an outstanding debt to the Band you will be unable to apply to be added to the waitlist. To set-up a repayment plan you can contact the Housing team by phone at (604) 796-2177 or by emailing
Band Members and those who have children who are Band Members can apply for on-reserve housing.
Contact the Housing team by phone at (604) 796-2177 or by emailing and they will be able to let you know what your waitlist ID is.
No. Each year, prior to January 1st, you will need to redo your rental application. If you do not reapply you will be removed from the waitlist.
Yes, we do have one-level handicap-accessible rental homes. When completing a rental application please let our Housing team know that you will need a handicap accessible home.
Your time on the waitlist can vary depending on emergency housing situations as well as what size of rental home you’re requesting.
Sometimes it does take longer to get into a larger rental home. The Housing team will work with you to find a housing solution that meets you needs. This may include adding you onto one or more of the waitlists.