The Seabird Island Band exists to promote a healthier, self-sufficient, self-governing, unified and educated community. We believe that a healthy community is one that has achieved physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cultural balance.

We work towards building a community where communal pride and respect are based on family values and respect for other people’s values, views and ideas. We want to co-exist with other communities and governments while exerting our right to be a self-governing nation. We promote full employment, the development of our local economy, and improved housing conditions. We want our community to be a safe and prosperous place for our people. We aim at achieving a good standard of living for all our Band Members.

Departments & team All six of our Departments play a vital role in the success and balance of our organization.Β  And although each department, program or service might have its own mandate, all of our employees share common goals and visions for the company.

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Chief & Council The Seabird Island Band is governed by an elected Chief and a nine person Council that share the responsibility of representing the BandΒ  and ensuring a strong united voice for the Seabird Island Band.

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Phentermine Online Doctors The Seabird Island Band utilizes both internal and external Committees when developing and administering certain programs or projects.

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Our history

Learn about how we started and how far we’ve come over the years through a historic timeline of our achievements and greatest moments.

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