For specific purposes, Seabird Island’s Chief & Council may create Committees (Select or Standing) and Boards according to pre-determined terms of reference or bylaws to meet a required need. Committees and Boards are formed to help Council in an advisory role.

Chief & Council

Buy Phentermine Houston The Seabird Island Band is governed by an elected Chief and a nine person Council that share the responsibility of representing the Band at all government levels as well as to other groups, ensuring a strong united voice for the Seabird Island Band locally, provincially and nationally.

Joining a committee

Most external committee members are either elected by vote or are nominated by Chief & Council. Any Band Member over the age of 18 can be nominated or run for a committee. Some committees do also include those under the age of 18.

List of committees

  • Education Committee
  • Emergency Services Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Health & Safety Committee
  • Housing Committee
  • Lands Advisory Committee
  • Membership Code Committee
  • Sq’ép Language & Culture Committee
  • Sqéwqel Economic Development Committee

Committee openings

Want to join a committee? Individuals volunteering for the Seabird Island Band must meet the same expectations and observe the same rules as Band employees including those relating to personal conduct, confidentiality, travel and where appropriate must complete a Criminal Records Check. Volunteers are not authorized to work alone with Band finances or children. Please be advised that of some of these positions have an honorarium and other do not. Take a look at current openings.

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