The purpose of the Lands Advisory Committee is to assist in a advisory capacity to address the needs of our community in respect to the lands, environment, and resources, and to develop policy, procedures, structure and guidance for the Members as set forth in the Seabird Island Land Code and the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management, dated September 1, 2009 section 33.1 of the Seabird Island Land Code (SILC)

Committee details

Seats: Nine (two Elder representatives) Type of Committee: Permanent

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Honorariums: Yes

Elections: Seats appointed by Chief and Council


Phentermine Hydrochloride 37.5 Mg Buy Phentermine 50 Rx Councillor Chair Janice Parsey Councillor Co-chair Stacy McNeil
Wayne Bobb Sr. – Elder’s Representative
Cindy McNeil – Elder’s Representative
Lisa Mason
Ashley Armstrong
Gail Starr
Jason Campbell
Jason Forseth
Margarette de Groot
Teresa Peters

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“Committee” means the group of appointed persons established under the Seabird Island Band Land Code, and unless otherwise specified, refers to the Seabird Island Band Lands Advisory Committee. Involving Seabird Band Members, 7 Committee members from community with Chief and Council appointed.

“Committee Members” means a Seabird Island Band Member either elected or appointed who sits on the Seabird Island Lands Advisory Committee.

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Danielle Gabriel, 604-796-2177, ext. 6935

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