Aboriginal Infant Development

The mission of the Aboriginal Infant Development Programs support the development of Aboriginal children within the context of the family, community, and culture by offering access to culturally-appropriate early intervention and prevention support programs.​ We are a voluntary and family centered program. We support children 0-3 years of age who may require extra support to reach their full potential.

Aboriginal Infant Development Consultants work closely with all infants and their families as soon as they are born. Our staff work with families to best meet their needs, whether they are best met in home, in group or educational programs, our services are offered in a partnership approach to suit your family’s individuality and uniqueness. Infant Massage is an enjoyable part of this program.

Our staff can provide developmental screening and assessments and offer individualized activity plans that support each child’s healthy development. Workers meet families in their homes. They can also attend meetings and provide training to family members or other childcare workers. All referrals considered.


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