The family counselors are available to provide counseling sessions to individuals on a one to one basis, and family or group setting, such as mediation or circles. The main goal of the family counselor is to provide support and counseling to individuals and families who are affected by addictions as well as intervention and prevention.

We also host free pancake breakfasts every Wednesday.

Counseling services are available by referral only.

Psychiatrist Dr. Benning joined us in 2014 and is available every second Friday and will see clients on an individual basis for counseling sessions.

Dr. Allyson Cushing has worked in Seabird for several years providing one to one counseling and is available most Wednesdays and Thursdays by appointment. Allyson also does couples counseling and has helped with community education programs such as education on postpartum depression at Pre & Post Natal classes.


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