Employment Services

You have gifts to offer this world – it’s time to uncover them. Our empowering programs provide the tools and support to map your career goals and manifest your purpose. Through counseling, training, education, skills building, and advocacy, we walk by your side on the path to meaningful employment. Your aspirations come into focus here.

Empowering Career Journeys

The path of employment and training unfolds brightly when walked with supportive companions. Seabird Island’s Employment and Training Centre provides culturally-sensitive guidance so First Nations people can access opportunities with confidence.

Our holistic services are delivered in an encouraging environment and include: employment counseling, skills training, education partnerships, life skills development, advocacy, career exploration, professional resume/letter writing, support groups and community referrals.

By meeting individual needs with care, we empower people to pursue meaningful careers and become architects of their own success. Contact us to start mapping your goals – we’re invested in your aspirational journey.

The horizon holds promise. Let us help you bridge the gap between dreams and achievement.

Employment Services

One on one Employment Support 

Resume Building 

Interview Training

Job Search

Work Experience Opportunities

Work Placement

Youth pre-employment programs

Summer Student Placement

Chart Your Career With Seabird

Seek meaningful work and manifest your true potential through the holistic career support provided by Seabird’s Certified Career Development Practitioners. Our one-on-one employment counseling assists with resume and cover letter building, interview skills training, targeted job searches, securing work experience and placements, youth pre-employment programs, and summer student positions. We walk with you every step of the career journey – from finding opportunity, to acing your interview, to excelling in your new role. Let us light the path and provide guidance so you can confidently pursue your calling. Reach out today to start mapping your goals and realizing professional success. The future looks bright when you know where you’re going – get ready for your career to take off!

Upcoming Events

Mar 13, 2024

Employment Services Career Fair

Are you seeking new career opportunities? Seabird Island Employment Services will be hosting a career fair. Admission is free and there will also be door prizes!

Current Programs

Traffic Control Person Training

First Aid Level 3 Training

Employment Prep Training

Driver For Hire

Culinary Arts Pre-Trade Program

Chainsaw Safety Training Program

Stó:lō Aboriginal Skills & Employment Training

If you are interested in participating, please come in or contact us at the Employment Service office to set up an appointment and to register.

Pursue Your Purpose

Seeking employment guidance tailored to your goals?

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