Fisheries & Habitat

Eulachon Fishing Opening Extension

Please follow the attached links for the amended Eulachon FSC licences for dip/drift net and cast net gear starting Thursday May 5 to Wednesday May 11, 2022.

Species and Quantity:

The Fishery is limited to the harvest of: 10,486 lbs (4,756.4 kg) of Eulachon (Thaleichthys pacificus) to be distributed to the First Nations in Lower Fraser Area. No person shall retain or possess non-target species including Chinook salmon, Steelhead salmon, and Sturgeon.

Allowable Fishing Times:

Start Date: Thursday May 5, 2022
End Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Times:  07:00 – 19:00 (daily)

Licence Area:


Use of Fish:

Fish caught under this licence are for food, social and ceremonial purposes. Without prejudice to future agreements or regulations, sale of fish caught under this licence is not permitted.

Monitoring and Harvest Reporting

Participants must report the number and species of fish caught in the Fishery, as well as the number of fish retained, to the FVAFS Monitor that is present on site or to Dale Joe at FVAFS Fisheries (Tel): (604) 858-8588, Fax: (604)
858-9959, and to Karen Burnett, Management Biologist at the DFO office at Annacis Island (Tel): (604) 230-7615 Fax: (604) 666-7112 within 24 hours of the Fishery on the Catch Reporting Form provided by DFO.


Have a safe and successful fishery!

Drift & Dip Net Licence

Each Participant may fish using one drift net. Drift nets shall be no more than one hundred (100) metres (328 feet) in length and shall have a mesh size of no less than twenty-five (25) millimetres (1 inch) and no greater than fifty (50) millimetres (2 inches).

Cast Net

Each designated Participant may fish using one cast net. Cast nets shall have a mesh size of no less than twelve (12) millimetres (0.47 inches) and no greater than nineteen (19) millimetres (0.75 inch). The diametre of the cast net shall not exceed 4.27 metres (14 feet).

Cast nets are deployed by hand in a manner that allows the net to spread out and sink. During fishing activity, each cast net is attended by the Participant. Designated Participants may be assisted with hauling, sorting, releasing and harvesting their catch.