Infant Massage

Our Aboriginal Infant Development team provides Infant Massage lessons to parents of newborns from birth to 12 months of age. Each team member is International Association of Infant Massage trained and host monthly Infant Massage classes.

Benefits for Parents & Caregivers
  • Fun! Pleasure and relaxation!
  • Increases parenting confidence, competence and self-esteem. Feel good about their parenting skills
  • Makes a space for quality time. A time to connect and get to know their baby
  • Gives parents’ permission to touch in a nurturing, tender way
  • Development of respect for baby as an individual and acceptance of baby’s process and needs
  • Supports the development of intimate communication
  • Helps teach parents nurturing skills. Learn to listen and respond to their baby
  • Awareness of baby’s physical, psychological and spiritual needs
  • Awareness of baby’s cues and cries, especially the more subtle cues. Learn to understand and interpret those sues and messages
  • Encourages bonding and attachment in a reciprocal interaction
    • Both mothers and fathers can share in the process; in fact, the whole family unit can share! This may reduce sibling rivalry
    • May assist parents in the transition into shared parenting. This may nourish their relationship as a couple
Benefits for Babies
  • Provides individual focused time
  • Promotes parent-infant relationships
  • Helps baby be heard and acknowledged
  • Helps relive colic or ‘gassy spells’
  • Helps stimulate circulatory and gastrointestinal systems
  • Helps baby learn to relax
  • Helps baby handle input while in a relaxed state
  • Helps baby increase threshold for stimulation of touch
  • May enable a pattern of stress release
  • Helps baby sleep longer and deeper
  • Supports organization of the nervous system
  • Enhanced myelination
  • Facilitates differentiation of body

Massage oil will be supplied and a massage booklet. Please wear comfortable clothing. Bring your baby even if they’re sleeping as there are massage dolls to practice with. Stay for a glass of juice and snack afterwards.


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