Our Teams

As an employer, we’re guided by our ancestral teachings of treating people with respect, dignity, fairness, and integrity. We strive to collaborate respectively with one another to reach our goals. We are committed to building and fostering an environment where our employees feel included, valued, and heard. All seven of our departments play a vital role in our organization and although each department, program or service may have its own mandate, all Seabird employees share common goals and visions for the future.

Executive: oversees the overall organization, direction, personnel, and communicates between Council and the Band.

Education: provides a supportive, culturally relevant learning environment for students of all ages. Overseeing the operations and curriculum at Seabird Island Community School, as well as at Seabird College and Adult Education.

Early Childhood Education: supports children to reach their full potential and encourages a lifelong journey of learning within a culturally supportive and safe environment. Programs are designed to meet the individual needs of the children physically, cognitively, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

Finance: coordinates the daily operations of the Seabird Island Band. They provide forward-thinking analysis and manage all aspects of the Band’s financial affairs and records.

Health & Social Development: provides health and social programming to clients in many parts of the province. They take a holistic view of health with consideration of the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and cultural aspects of overall health and well-being.

Infrastructure: is responsible for our lands, as well as the overall planning, development, and management of the housing and public works resources (water, roads, security, maintenance), and custodial services.

Inter-Government Affairs: is responsible for documenting our membership and oversees our rights and title endeavors.