Photography & Photo Design

Photography is one of the best ways of communication, “a picture says a thousand words”. A picture can connect you with your past, present, and future. It can inspire and connect people emotionally to your Communications and Marketing materials. We use these photos to promote, inspire and share programs and services with our Community through newsletters, posters, flyer’s, vehicle wraps, bill boards and more.

We use the best cameras and equipment to take high quality photos that can be enlarged to fit any medium without degrading the image or making it pixelated.

We edit and blend photos adapting them to suit our designs while maintaining the original integrity of the image. Clearing up blemishes, cropping images, removing the background, changing the contrast, saturation, exposure etc.

  • Event Photography
  • EOC Photography
  • Portrait Photography (set-up at some events)
  • ID photography (Staff ID, Status Card, Passport, PAL, Ferries)
  • Photo Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Photo Archive Management
    – With photos dating back to 1862.
    – We are always looking for old Seabird photos to add to the archive and preserve our history.

Those who would like to share photos of Seabirds history, please send your photos to