Seabird Island Pre-School 4’s

Seabird Island 4’s Preschool is in partnership with the Seabird Island Community School. This licensed early childhood program focuses on school readiness and believes that education should provide students with teachings, experiences, and values that develop personal qualities such as self-reliance, cooperation, generosity, honesty, and respect for others and the environment.


Preschools offer a wide variety of experiences and activities that are designed to meet all aspects of a child’s development, including social, language, physical, cognitive, emotional, and self-help skills. All areas of development are encouraged through play, small and large group experiences, and child and adult-directed activities. Preschool enhances a child’s self-esteem and provides the building blocks for future learning.


Of course, the most important aspect of preschool is to have fun!

Our Mission

Our goal is for the Seabird Island Preschool to be a happy, safe, and loving environment for preschool-aged children. Rather than simply operating a preschool, we envision a facility where education, including Aboriginal education, is an essential component of the preschool, and where children are encouraged to reach their full potential in readiness for school and to begin a lifelong journey of learning.

Waitlist and Registration

You can put your child’s name on the waitlist for 4’s preschool programs starting at the Seabird Island Band – Open House in April, or see contact information below.


Families can also register at The Seabird Island – Early Childhood Centre of Excellence – Open house in August. You will be contacted with date and time, and registration must be completed and submitted before your child can start the program in September.

Hours of Operation

4’s Preschool is a full-day preschool program for children who turn 4 before December 31 for September enrollment. 4’s Preschool is free for children with status living on or off reserve through the Nominal Role with the school. All others can apply for Affordable Child Care Benefits (subsidy) through the Ministry of Children and Family.


Preschool hours are Monday to Friday from 9am-3pm with transportation available upon request.


Extended hours (before and after 4’s) may be available as needed from 7:45-9am and 3pm-5pm.


We are open for those who have registered for the before and after 4s program. We will be open on all professional development days and school closures (days may vary).


To learn more or to request this services:

Call Megan Louis, (604) 796-7184