Seabird Island Pre-School

We believe that education should provide our students with teachings, experiences and values which will develop personal qualities such as self-reliance, cooperation, generosity, honesty, and respect for others and for the environment.

Preschools offer a wide variety of experiences and activities that are designed to meet all aspects of your child’s development including his/her social, language, physical, cognitive, emotional and self-help skills. All areas of development are encouraged through play, small and large group experiences; child and adult directed activities. Preschool enhances a child’s self-esteem and provides the building blocks for future learning.

A daily preschool schedule is planned to afford children the time and opportunity to make choices and to do things for themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. Preschools have many variations in their programs and all meet licensing requirements. However, they do differ and only you can choose a preschool which meets the individual needs of your child.

Of course, the most important aspect of preschool is to have fun!

Adaptive Curriculum

It’s a lot more than small class sizes. Learning at the Pre-School is a highly personalized experience.

3’s Immersion

Our immersion curriculum has been designed to restore and enhance the use of Aboriginal language.

Activities & Adventures

Play and art are used as an opportunity to understand the world and learn new words and ideas.

Our Mission

Our goal is for the Seabird Island Preschool to be a happy, safe, and loving environment for preschool-aged children. Rather than simply operating a preschool, we envision a facility where education, including Aboriginal education, is an essential component of the Preschool where the children are encouraged to reach their full potential in readiness for school and begin a life-long journey of learning.