Seabird Island Daycare

The Daycare Centre is a fully licensed group childcare facility with space for 49 children between the ages of 3 months and kindergarten. We provide high-quality, inclusive childcare that emphasizes emotional, physical, spiritual, cognitive, and social development by offering individualized and group activities.

Our Mission

We believe in providing a caring environment for children and being a support system for their families. The Daycare team strives to meet the individual needs of each child for their development. We operate as an Aboriginal Head Start On-Reserve enhanced program that encompasses the seven components of Head Start: health, nutrition, parent and family involvement, Stō:ló culture and Halq’eméylem language, social support, education, and special needs inclusion.

Activities and Adventures

Our programs have been developed to be educational, open-ended, and fun-filled for children. We take a play-based, themed approach to support the learning process, from songs to science to Halq’eméylem.

Hours of Operation

The Daycare Centre is open on all weekdays from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

We are closed on all statutory holidays, including Aboriginal Day. Please see the list of our closures.

Waitlist and Registration

We have a waiting list.

To be put on the waiting list, please contact the daycare as listed below.

The supervisor will guide you through the registration process.


To learn more or to request this services:

Call Alisha McKeown, (604) 796-6834