Aboriginal Infant Development

The Aboriginal Infant Development Programs offer culturally-relevant support to local families with young children. Experienced staff guide infants through their early years to promote wellbeing and development.

Nurturing Journeys

The Aboriginal Infant Development Programs cherish the sacred journey of each child’s early years. Our mission is to nurture infants within the loving embrace of family, community, and culture. We offer access to supportive services grounded in traditions and tailored to the unique needs of every child.

Our voluntary, family-centered program guides children ages 0-3 who require extra care to reach their full potential. Aboriginal Infant Development Consultants become trusted partners to families right from the moment a child is born. Together, we discover the best pathways for growth, be it through in-home visits, group activities, or educational programs. Our partnership philosophy honours the individuality of each family.

Consultants provide developmental screenings, assessments, and individualized activity plans to fuel healthy development. We journey with families within the comfort of their own homes, and remain by their side through meetings or training for family members and childcare providers. All referrals are warmly welcomed. With compassion as our guide, we walk hand-in-hand with children and families on this sacred path of learning and discovery.

Seeking More Information?

To learn more about our culturally-tailored services or request support for your child’s developmental journey, please connect with us.

Jen McNeil 

Phone: (604) 798-1415 

Email: jenmcneil@seabirdisland.ca

We welcome you to reach out by phone, email, or by scheduling an appointment at our Band Office. Our devoted team looks forward to providing compassionate guidance for your family.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to listen and help light the way forward

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