Yoo Hoo Archive

Review Our Archive Of Past Yoo Hoo Editions Below To Get A Feel For Our Signature Newsletter Style And Extensive Coverage!

Our Archive Of Past Yoo Hoo Editions

That’s right; after 14+ years, we issued our last edition of the Seabird Island Yoo Hoo Newsletter in December of 2023.

In the New Year of 2024, we are starting something new, dividing things in two:

Schákwel tl’ Sq’éwqel (What’s happening on Seabird?), a brief report featuring a list of upcoming events, activities and more
Sq’éwqel Sqwélqwel Pípé (Seabird Island Story / News Paper),  containing information covering a wide variety of topics, which are organized into categories, for all the stories, updates, tips and more.

In our bi-weekly Newsletter, starting on January 2, 2024, we will:
  • Provide a list of upcoming events, classes and activities
  • One simple source to find Community-involvement information
  • Increase attendance from Community Members
  • Demonstrate transparency through more consistent information updates
  • Engage and build relationships with more Community Members
In our monthly Newspaper, starting in Spring 2024, we will:
  • Inform the Community of program-related results such as events, milestones and progress
  • Provide fact-based articles for Community Members to make future decisions and plans
  • Include editorial articles, where the opinion of the author is included
  • Offer tips and information that help readers with business, home, recreation and daily living
  • Some sections will be designed to amuse or give enjoyment eg, puzzles and more!
Please watch for these NEW publications in 2024, where you would normally find the YooHoo!