Annual Reports

Explore Our History Through Past Annual Reports

At Seabird Island, we are committed to transparent governance and keeping our community informed. As part of this, we publish comprehensive annual reports that highlight our accomplishments, growth, financial position, events, and more from each year.

These reports offer a valuable look into our history and how Seabird Island has evolved over time. Now, you can easily explore and learn from these past yearly summaries by accessing our online annual report archive.

Browse Annual Reports Dating Back to 2010.

2022 - 2023

The Seabird Island Band is pleased to announce the release of our 2021/2022 Annual Report. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the Band’s operations, finances, and governance over the past fiscal year.

Convenient Online Access for All Readers

We digitized and formatted our previous annual reports for easy online reading and downloads. Now anyone can access these records with just a web browser. The archive is specially designed for:

  • Community members – Stay informed and connected to our history
  • Prospective employees/partners – Understand our growth and capabilities
  • Researchers – Gain primary historical/cultural insights
  • Leadership – Reference past accomplishments and challenges
  • Students – Incorporate into learning about our community

We encourage you to explore the archive and reflect on our journey as a Nation. Each annual report provides a snapshot into Seabird Island’s resilient spirit and what we have overcome together. Let our history of empowering community, revitalizing culture, upholding inherent rights, and walking/working as one family continue to guide us into the future.

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