Sq’éwqel Sqwélqwel Pípé

Sq’éwqel Sqwélqwel Pípé (Seabird Island Story / News Paper)

In Sq’éwqel Sqwélqwel Pípé, we will:

  • Inform the Community of program-related results such as events, milestones and progress
  • Provide fact-based articles for Community Members to make future decisions and plans
  • Include editorial articles, where the opinion of the author is included
  • Offer tips and information that help readers with business, home, recreation and daily living
  • Some sections will be designed to amuse or give enjoyment, puzzles and more!

We are launching the Sq’éwqel Sqwélqwel Pípé (Seabird Island Story / News Paper) in Spring 2024. A monthly source of community information and entertainment, expect program updates, fact-based articles, editorial insights, practical tips, and entertaining sections. Anticipate a newspaper that informs as well as engages, entertains, and enriches the lives of our Community Members. As we embark on this journey together, our ultimate goal is to build stronger relationships within our community. Thank you for doing your part as our readership.


June 2024

Sq’éwqel Sqwélqwel Pípé (Seabird Island Story / News Paper)

Sq’éwqel Sqwélqwel Pípé June 2024