Whistle Blower & Public Feedback

Report Wrongdoing Securely with Seabird's Whistleblower Policy

Seabird Island embraces transparency and accountability in our operations. We rely on insiders to report any wrongdoing they witness that violates laws, misuses funds, or breaches public trust.

Our whistleblower policy protects anyone who discloses misconduct concerns in good faith. You can report anonymously without fear of retaliation. We prohibit discrimination against whistleblowers. False accusations face disciplinary action.

To submit a confidential whistleblower report:

Email: ED@seabirdisland.ca

Phone: 604-796-2177

Mail: Executive Director, 2895 Chowat Rd, PO Box 2895, Agassiz BC

In-Person: Band Office, 2895 Chowat Rd (8am-4pm)

We investigate every credible report discretely. Together, we can stop abuses of power and prevent harm. Please communicate suspected violations right away so we can take prompt, appropriate action. Seabird Island values integrity – help us uphold it.

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