Though the journey may seem long, there is always hope. Our caring team will walk by your side, providing support and guidance until you rediscover your inner light.

Recovery Awaits

Addiction’s grasp can leave us lost, alone, and shrouded in shame’s shadow. But know there is always light ahead. Our Mental Health team understands the complex struggle with substance abuse. We approach each person with compassion, providing counseling and access to our on-reserve recovery homes for men and women.

Within these sanctuaries, those who have abstained from drugs and alcohol for 5 days can engage in the profound journey of healing. Step by step, we will walk with you out of the darkness. Our team will listen without judgement, offer guidance without force, and inspire hope rooted in wisdom. You need not suffer alone. Recovery awaits all who seek it.

Let us brighten the way forward together, toward a future defined by your strengths. Our Mental Health team is here to provide non-judgemental support, resources and understanding. You are more than your addiction. The light within you is waiting to shine again.

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Addiction casts long shadows, but your inner light still shines. Our non-judgmental team will help you step out of the darkness and nurture your recovery journey one day at a time.

To learn more or request our services, please contact us:

  • Call 604-796-2177 to speak with our mental health staff
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  • Visit our Band Office to schedule an appointment

We look forward to shining a light on your path.

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