A:yelexw Center for Hope and Healing

This welcoming family home nurtures Indigenous adults overcoming addiction. We build on traditional healing practices and community strength to heal together. With compassion, we support those 19 years and older down the path of wellness. Our culture guides us to healing and success.

Traditional Healing Home for Overcoming Addiction with Community

Seabird Island First Nation offers culturally-based healing and recovery services for those struggling with addictions and mental health challenges. Their holistic approach treats the whole person through access to counselors, traditional practices, education, career development, recreation and community connection. Individuals can self-refer or be referred through health providers or community workers. Group sessions facilitate learning and healing through sharing, while activities like medicine walks and drum circles foster wellness by reconnecting to the land. Seabird provides hope and support on the journey to recovery and restored wellbeing. Our commitment comes from walking with people on their path, in their time, with compassion.

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You are not alone. There is hope, healing and support available. Reach out to A:yelexw Center for Hope and Healing to walk the path of recovery and wellness, surrounded by compassionate guides who honour the wisdom of traditional practices.

Phone: (604)796-2177

Email: ayelexw@seabirdisland.ca

A:yelexw Center for Hope and Healing provides a holistic healing pathway for those struggling with addiction

Our core commitments include:

  • Meeting people where they are, welcoming when one is ready
  •  Medically-supported detox programs
  • Treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit
  • Wraparound support in all life areas: mental health care, education, family services, employment assistance, recreation, job training, cultural practices
  • Fostering hope, healing and wellness through traditional Indigenous approaches like drum circles, cedar brushing and medicine walks

Seabird guides people with compassion on their journey toward renewed wellbeing and recovery.

The A:yelexw Center for Hope and Healing provides multifaceted support

You will have access to:

  • Mental health counseling and addictions specialists
  • Education and career development through Seabird College
  • A fitness and recreation center
  • Employment assistance services
  • Traditional Indigenous practices including cedar brushing, drum circles, and medicine walks

By addressing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, Seabird’s A:yelexw Center facilitates whole-person healing grounded in the wisdom of ancestral knowledge.

There are several pathways to access the recovery services offered through Seabird Island's A:yelexw Center

These include:

  • Community health, mental health or addictions workers
  • Fraser Health’s community substance use services
  • Fraser Health concurrent disorder therapists
  • National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program

With compassion and cultural humility, the A:yelexw Center welcomes Indigenous people from all referral channels who are ready to walk the healing journey.

Pathways to Healing: Experience Seabird Island's A:yelexw Center Culturally-Grounded Addiction Recovery

Accessing Recovery Support

Seeking treatment should not be hindered by financial barriers. For Indigenous people in the Fraser region, funding is available through Fraser Health and the First Nations Health Authority.

Call 1-866-624-6478 to speak with a SUSAT clinician who can assist in applying for Fraser Health subsidies.

First Nations individuals can also access financial support by completing the application at http://www.treatment.fnha.ca

Additional resources like brochures, referral forms, house rules and packing checklists offer guidance on the treatment process can be found below.

We aim to make the journey toward healing as accessible and supported as possible.

Seeking more information?

The journey of recovery starts by connecting with compassionate guides. Seabird Island’s A:yelexw Center for Hope and Healing provides culturally-based addiction treatment rooted in the wisdom of traditional practices.

Contact us at:

Phone: 604-796-2177
Email: ayelexw@seabirdisland.ca

Let us walk this healing journey together, one step at a time. Reach out today.

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