Seabird Island Daycare

The Daycare Centre is a fully licensed group childcare facility with space for 49 children between the ages of 3 months and kindergarten. We provide high-quality, inclusive childcare that emphasizes emotional, physical, spiritual, cognitive, and social development by offering individualized and group activities. 

Nurture Little Wings at Seabird Island Daycare

At our fully licensed childcare center, we help little ones spread their wings! Seabird Island Daycare nurtures 49 children from 3 months to 5 years through quality, personalized care.

Our team offers a safe, inclusive environment focused on all aspects of development. Children engage in group and individualized activities tailored to their unique needs. We emphasize emotional, physical, cognitive, social, and spiritual growth the Seabird way.

Little artists express their creativity, future leaders build cooperation, and emerging voices learn Halq’eméylem songs. We incorporate Stó:lō culture and values into everything we do. Nutritious meals, active play, and nap times provide daily balance.

From first steps to soaring imaginations, we meet each child where they are at on their journey. Watch your little one flourish as our nurturing staff help their talents take flight!

Our Mission

At Seabird Island Daycare, we nurture children and support families. Our caring team strives to meet each child’s needs, honoring developmental and cultural identity. As an enhanced Aboriginal Head Start program, we incorporate seven key components like health, nutrition, family involvement, Halq’eméylem language, and education into a balanced curriculum focused on wellbeing.

Enriching Activities Support Little Learners

At Seabird Island Daycare, children dive into educational adventures rooted in Stó:lō culture. Our play-based, themed curriculum sparks curiosity through open-ended activities. Little ones sing songs, explore science, and learn Halq’eméylem while developing motor, cognitive, and social skills. With caring teachers guiding the way, each day overflows with art, movement, stories, and smiles.

Due to high demand, we do maintain a waiting list. To add your child, please call the daycare office and our supervisor will assist you with registration. We look forward to welcoming your little learner into our nest! As part of the Seabird family, they will spread their wings through enriching play and nurturing care.

Quality Care from Morning to Evening, Monday through Friday

At Seabird Island Daycare, our doors open early and close late to support working families. We operate Monday to Friday from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm. Caring staff greet little learners bright and early for each new day of discovery.

The daycare center is closed on all statutory holidays, including National Indigenous Peoples Day, to allow our team time to recharge. Please see our website for the full list of daycare closures so you can plan accordingly.

Trust us to provide your child a safe, nurturing home away from home. Take comfort knowing your little one is off exploring, laughing, and spreading their wings with our teachers during the workweek!

Discover Quality Childcare at Seabird Island Daycare

To learn more about our nurturing care or request a space for your little one, contact Daycare Supervisor Alisha McKeown at:

Phone: 604-796-6834

We welcome you to visit in person as well. Come see our child-centric facility and meet our amazing teachers.

Let us care for your child while you handle work and life. We look forward to your child spreading their wings with new friends and adventures at Seabird Island Daycare!


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