Seabird Island Lands

Land Advisory Committee (LAC) positions opening

The term for (3) committee positions are up for renewal:

One (1) Elder positions and two (2) regular committee positions.

The term for this appointment is for (4) years.

The Chief & Council are looking for interested and passionate individuals to fill the open positions for the Land Advisory Committee (LAC)

These individuals are required to be proactive in reviewing, assessing, and anticipating the land needs, and anticipating any changes that may affect the land needs of the Seabird Membership.

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Pick your favourite wild berry!

Since 2020, AAFC and the Seabird Island band have been working on a co-developed project to revitalize Seabird Island community access to wild berries. In 2021 and 2022, our team screened and identified insect pests and natural enemies associated with native berries of importance to the Seabird Island community. This year we would like to continue the project by identifying sites for wild berry cultivation by predicting suitable habitat based on environmental conditions. The overall goal will be to provide information that could guide management for berry production or repopulation.
We would like to start our work with just one of your favourite wild berry species. Please help us to decide by answering the survey question below.
Which of the following native berry species would be of most interest to you? (Please circle)
● Salmonberry (elílá)
● Thimbleberry (t’qwém)
● Red Elderberry (sth’íwéq’)
● Other: ___________________________________________________________

Do you have any other feedback for us as we get started on this new part of the project?

Follow the link below to fill out the electronic form;

Business Permit applications due

Business Permit applications and/or renewals are due.

Business Permits expire at the end of each calendar year.

Seabird Island Band’s Business Permit Law is to record and regulate businesses on Seabird Lands. This law applies to the whole area of the reserve and Seabird Lands described in the Land Code and any person who:

  • Advertises or indicated by any means as being open for Business of any kind,
  • Deals in or buys, sells, barters, rents, or displays any commodity or service or offer by advertisement or otherwise, on behalf of himself or others; to buy, sell, barter, or rent any commodity or service,
  • Engages in soliciting or promoting any commodity or service,
  • Renders or offers to render professional, personal, contract, or other services service to any person for the purpose of gain or profit.
  • Engages in repairing, restoring, or servicing automobiles, appliances, or other commodities not owned or registered in the name of that person or firm, within or on Seabird Lands shall be deemed to be carrying on a business.

Where a business is carried out in or from more than one home, structure, or parcel of land on or within Seabird Lands, the Business carried in or from each premises shall be deemed to be a separate business.

Exemptions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Public schools
  • Teaching of music, handicrafts, or art as a home occupation where such teaching involves not more than one class of 5 students at one time
  • Garage sales or yard sales fewer than 4 days per year of sales
  • Subject to meeting health requirements set out in applicable laws, sales of catered foods or baked goods cooked in the home of a member or occupant of Seabird Lands
  • Non-commercial periodic fund-raising events by Seabird Members or organizations or occupants of Seabird Lands
  • Creation and sale of carvings, crafts, and other artwork and crafts by Members,
  • Small-scale home-based activities by Seabird Members or occupants of Seabird Lands including Avon, Herbalife, Tupperware and locally made crafts.


  • No business permit shall be granted for Businesses requiring other authorizations until the applicant has demonstrated that the applicable preconditions have been met including the following:
  • For any premises, confirmation from the Seabird Lands Department that the proposed use of the land or premises complies with the Seabird Development law, 2015 and the Seabird Land Zoning and Land Use Law 2015, and any other applicable land use or zoning laws
  • For any premises, proof of compliance with all applicable fire safety regulations
  • For an automobile dealership proof of licensing under the provincial Motor Dealers Act
  • For a daycare, proof of licensing under the provincial Child Care Licensing Regulation
  • For the preparation distribution and selling of foods (e.g., restaurants, grocery stores, hot dog stands, etc.) other than pre-packaged or pre-bottled foodstuffs, proof of a Food Service Permit under the Provincial Food Premises Regulation
  • For tattoo parlours, piercing or body modification services, and hairdressing and manicure services, proof of approval by a Health Official under the provincial Health Act

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