Rental Housing & Waitlist

Range of thoughtfully built units to meet diverse needs. Apartment-style and detached homes from 1 to 4 bedrooms. Constructed by Public Works using First Nations staff. Join the waitlist – apply today!

Rental Housing Waitlist Fillable Application Form.

Please ensure all parts of the application are completed in full.
* Mandatory Fields Required Applications should be emailed to or dropped off with the Receptionist at the Band Office.

Affordable On-Reserve Rentals

Seabird Island Housing provides Band Members quality rental accommodations on reserve. Our continually growing portfolio includes:

  • Apartment-style attached units
  • Detached housing
  • Range of sizes from single to 4-bedrooms

Homes are thoughtfully constructed by Public Works utilizing First Nations staff and contractors. Units meet the diverse housing needs of our community.

To join the waitlist, complete a Housing Application. We’re happy to also advise on:

  • Arrears and debt questions
  • Maintenance/renovation requests
  • Housing policies
  • Getting started as a renter

Contact us today to learn more about renting affordable, well-built homes as part of a vibrant community.

Housing Waitlist and Placement

The current housing waitlist is published in our community newspaper. Identification numbers in bold indicate outstanding debt, which must be resolved before placement per Housing Policy.

We aim to provide affordable rentals to as many Band Members as possible once debt-free and eligible under policy guidelines. Wait times vary based on turnover and construction of new units.

Please refer to the newspaper for your waitlist ID and status. Contact us if you have any change in housing needs or questions about debt repayment and getting placed. Communication helps us match homes to those in need.

Let us support your journey to stable housing, strengthening individuals and community.

Flexible Rent Payment Options

Seabird Island Housing aims to provide convenient payment methods for monthly rent. Rent remains due by the 1st of each month.

To set up touchless options:

Download forms using the links provided. Email completed documents to start payments.

If unable to access forms online, please call the Band Office to arrange alternate payment.

By facilitating flexible, remote rent payment, we hope to ease processes while continuing to provide affordable on-reserve housing. Let us know if you have any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Rental rates follow government subsidized agreements. Contact our team to discuss pricing.

You cannot apply with arrears. We’ll discuss repayment plans to resolve debt before joining the waitlist.

Band Members and those who have children who are Band Members can apply for on-reserve housing.

Email or call us anytime to learn your current waitlist ID.

Yes, reconfirm your application before January 1st each year to remain on the list.

Yes, notify us when applying if you need an accessible unit.

Times vary based on home size requested and turnover rates. We’ll update you.

Sometimes, yes. We work to find solutions matching your needs, which may include multiple waitlists.

Seeking More Information?

To learn more about Seabird Island’s on-reserve rentals, apply for housing, or inquire about the waitlist, please contact:

Erna O’Brien

Office: 604-796-6933 Cell: 604-798-0942

Becky Pettis

Office: 604-796-7212


Or schedule an appointment at our Band Office.

Have questions? Reach out anytime.

We’re here to provide affordable, quality homes to Band Members and support you on your housing journey. Let us know how we can help you achieve housing goals for you and your family.

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